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Where To Start Your Dreaming

One of the questions we get asked a lot is about the resources that are out there for homeowners as they start to think about remodeling their kitchen or bath. Below are some great websites and resources that we have found and often suggest to our customers as they begin the dreaming and planning phases of their remodel.

You've possibly pinned recipes, outfits and those invaluable ideas that you don't know how you lived without knowing. Did you know that Pinterest is a great place to start dreaming of your remodel ideas? Search for terms like kitchen ideas, tile shower or remodel and start clicking! There's a variety of pictures, products and unique suggestions that can be useful as you begin researching. Another great thing about Pinterest is that as you begin to gather inspiration you can also share with a spouse, friend or design professional.

Now think Pinterest - but focused solely on home design and you've got! This industry specific website has almost every home related idea that you can imagine and their collections of images continues to increase daily. Houzz has created a community of both design professionals and homeowners where they can interact, share ideas and help one another through the design process. You can see projects completed by companies, designers or DIYers. Their discussion boards can be invaluable when getting feedback on new ideas or suggestions. Many of the products photographed have additional information on where to purchase or can even be bought directly through their website. Much like Pinterest, you can save ideas that you love and also share straight from their website.

HGTV may be a familiar tv channel that could've even given you the remodel itch, but their online resources are very helpful as you begin to gather ideas. Check out their galleries, project spotlights and even re-watch episodes of shows that may have had a project that captured your attention.

Traditional resources like magazines are always helpful as well. You will find a variety of publications at local newstands and book stores ranging from local to national. Some may be topic specifc on just kitchens or baths - others may encompass ideas for the entire home. These are usually full of great images that can be a help for those that are more visual.

Visiting showrooms or local home remodeling shows that feature different companies, products and ideas. These are great places to start touching and feeling items that you may have seen online.

Finally, call the HOME PROS! If you're ready to start putting legs to your remodeling dreams, their is nothing better than the expertise of a professional standing in your home and dreaming alongside you. They can help you decipher between what is and is not possible, make budgetary decisions like whats a need and whats a wish, and they can actually help bring that dream to life. Our free in-home consultations are fun and exciting for our team as well as our homeowners as we explore the possibilities.

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