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A Bright Idea: Create a Lighting Plan for Your Kitchen


Good lighting doesn't just brighten up a space, it can impact the feel and look of a room. When we work with homeowners, our goal is to help create your overall space, enhancing it with the look and feel that make it warm, inviting and functional. Here are some bright ideas when it comes to lighting to be considered as you begin to think about your remodel.

Overall Lighting

Recessed Can Lights, Flush-Mount Fixtures and Track Lighting

Bright, functional and dimmable. Your overall lighting provides the light in which you will cook, read, entertain and clean by. This is the lighting that is a necessity for you to use your kitchen safely. Our hands down favorite is the 6" standard recessed can light - which can use a compact fluroescent, LED or incandescent style bulb. There are a variety of fixtures availabe in different sizes and colors. When recessed fixtures aren't an option, considering a flush-mount fixture or track lighting that can provide a large amount of light from a single or multiple bulbs is a great option.

Decorative Lighting

Pendants, Drums, Sconces and Chandeliers

This lighting adds to the style and look of the overall space. Similar to accent lighting, it can be used to create an effect or mood in your kitchen, but these pieces are visible unlike accent lighting. There are endless options ranging in materials, size, colors, bulbs and more. Check out some of our favorite manufacturers on the links below.

Accent Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting, In-Cabinet Lighting, Above Cabinet Lighting, Toe Kick Lighting

Adding light in the places that aren't as excepted creates focal points, but also adds drama and can enhance the overall feel of a space. Regardless of where the accent lighting is, there are multiple types of fixtures that can help to achieve the look you are going for. These can be pucks, strips, rope or rectangular fixtures in Xenon, LED or fluorescent bulbs. Our recommendation is to put these fixtures on a dimmer switch, giving you the flexibility to create different scenes within the space.

Some Lighting Manufacturers We Love:

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