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Extra Storage & Organization Ideas For Your New Kitchen

When it comes to functional ways to store things and organize in your kitchen, manufacturers have come a long way with product offerings to that are useful, durable and are built-in to your cabinet design. Check out some of our favorite products below and visit some of the websites where we shop to get even more ideas!

Trash Can Pull-Outs - Can come with a single or double cans (great for recylcing and trash!)

Lazy Susans - They're not quite the same as the old units with two discs and a pole that went around and around. Today's "Super Susans" are wood rotating shelves.

Pull-Out Racks - There are a variety of uses for this still of pull-out racks, most commonly is for spices. the shelves are adjustable and these types of inserts typically come in a 6", 9" or 12" application.

Roll-Out Drawers - Great for both base cabinet, below sinks and even in pantry cabinets. They roll-outs can come direct from the factory or be added after installation.

Tilt-Out Trays - These small storage bins can be added by both sinks and cooktops.

In-Drawer Pegs - These customizable inserts work well to keep things in place in large drawers where you might be storing dishes or pots and pans.

Cutlery Dividers - Inserts like these are very helpful when organizing drawers and may items which come direct from the manufacturer provide maximum use of the space opposed to plastic or after market inserts which you might purchase from a home store.

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